Fix My Diamond

Diamond to be repaired.

Can you fix my diamond?

This one, most definitely.

Not all diamonds need to be recut- some can be repaired or restored to their former beauty.

This is especially true with some of the older, vintage shapes such as roses, Europeans and old miners. As diamond cutting and polishing techniques have improved over the years, a master diamond cutter will be able to repair an older shape by cleaning it up and restoring it.

At Master Diamond Cutters, we treat your diamonds like they’re our own.

Whether it is a minor repair or a full recut- our partners trust our team to deliver the highest possible cut grade with the best weight retention (where possible).

[highlight]Master Diamond Cutters deals exclusively with the jewelry trade- however, feel free to send an email to with your name, telephone number and state and we will connect you with a trusted partner, or feel  free to connect with one of our American Gem Society retailers. Don’t forget to mention that we sent you![/highlight] [button url=”” size=”large” id=”my_button_id” type=”highlight”]AGS Find A Jeweler[/button]


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